Monday, September 28, 2009

KernelCheck 404 errors

Recently KernelCheck has started dropping the following error and aborting: server couldn't fulfill request.
Error code: 404

This is because the files that were hosted on that contained the relevant Kernel and Patch information parsed by KernelCheck have been removed. We don't know why have removed these files, all we know is that they no longer exist.

At the moment, we (Master_Kernel and my self) are too busy with other commitments (work, study, etc) to investigate and fix the problem at this time. So KernelCheck development is on hold until further notice.

However, if someone wants step in and help fix the problem, they are more than welcome. We can be contacted via the KernelCheck launchpad page.

How do I build a new kernel without KernelCheck?

There is an excellent guide for building new kernels manually here: Master Kernel Thread.