Sunday, June 7, 2009

nVidia Driver support status

Presently, the nVidia driver support in KernelCheck Lumen is broken. This is because you can't actually run the nVidia install package with X running. In order to install the latest nVidia drivers using the nVidia install package, you must do it in "runlevel 3" (shell without X running).

If you are currently using nVidia drivers with your current kernel, it is recommended that you select the option "Reconfigure the X Server" in KernelCheck. This will force X to load a fail safe driver (usually the "nv" driver). Doing this will make sure X will load after you reboot (it will crash otherwise).

After you have rebooted and X has loaded, you should be able to install the current stable nvidia drivers using the "Hardware Drivers" applet in Gnome (System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers).

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